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Use Fireball certified installers, to guarantee correct installations and fair prices.  We can match you with a certified professional from our nation-wide team today. Interested in protecting your investments with the best protection around? Get a free quote now.



Fireball Coatings have the highest concentration of ceramic SiO2 content on the market, achieved through a combination of up to six types of Si and SiO2 raw materials. The Ceramic SiO2 blends vary from one coating to another, providing distinct characteristics for each coating. These differences result in properties that excel in various environmental situations, including chemical, abrasion, dirt, wet, and high-temperature environments/applications.

The Worlds Most Advanced Ceramic Coatings



Dok Do is our state-of-the-art flagship coating suited exclusively to the most skilled, hand-picked installers in the world. This 10 year coating exceeds 9H hardness and leads the industry in the highest amount of Si02. Dok Do consists of a super hard base coat, topped with a hard chemical resistant & glossy top coat. Dok Do contains over 92% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. Dok Do also contains high levels of titanium dioxide.

We recommend Dok Do on prestige vehicles where no compromise is requested by a customer. Exceeds 9H Hardness.

Dok Do Ceramic Coating is an innovative, two-layer formula of the highest proprietary renown, generating maximum protection for your vehicle.

  • 10 Year Durability
  • Our strongest most durable long lasting coating
  • Highest Levels Of Protection
  • Highest Levels of Depth & Gloss
  • The World’s Best Ceramic Coating
  • Highest percentage levels of ceramic compounds
  • Leads the industry in every category


Our most popular single layer coating. Its innovative formula continues to push forward with high quality results which deliver in all types of weather conditions.

Since the inception, Butterfly has been our flagship single layer coating. Butterfly is made from high quality materials that provide an incredible look with long lasting durability. Backed by a 7 year guarantee and made from industry leading technology, Butterfly’s innovative formula continues to push forward with high quality results that deliver in all types of weather conditions. Butterfly contains over 90% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. Butterfly also contains heavy amounts of titanium dioxide for more protection.

  • 7 Year Durability
  • Advanced Ceramic Technology
  • Extremely Hard; Enhances Gloss
  • Perfect For Daily Driven Vehicles
  • The Most Popular Coating Option
  • 1-Layer Application
Silla - 5 Year

Silla - 5 Year

Silla is the highest corrosion resistant ceramic coating in the Fireball collection specializing in assurance against harmful contaminants. It features a single layer that warrants up to a 5 year guarantee from a proven formula pushing boundaries that provides excellent chemical resistance against salt, rust, and grime. Silla contains over 88% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. Silla also contains heavy amounts of titanium dioxide for more protection.

Silla is a fantastic product for those that live in harsh environments with chemical or salty conditions. It reduces the risk of water spotting on your paintwork, and it won’t scratch easily like other coatings. Furthermore, Silla protects against coastal erosion which can be quite problematic when living close to oceans.

  • 5 Year Durability
  • Added Protection From Pollution
  • Highest Chemical Resistance
  • Intense Surface Clarity
  • Perfect For Marine Applications
Devil's Blood - 3 Year

Devil's Blood - 3 Year

Devils Blood is the next generation of car care technology, utilizing an innovative hybrid nano structure. These breakthroughs create a high gloss dense coating with advances in various attributes. not seen before; including durability against water spots, acid, solvents, ice, oil, dirt, and UV radiation. Backed by a factory guarantee for up to 3 years. The powerful and superhydrophobic qualities resist the elements from the harshest conditions. This coating has an unprecedented self-cleaning feature unlike coatings of this nature. Devil’s Blood not only cleans itself but also limits dirt within its own bounds. Devil’s Blood contains over 81% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of Si02. Devil’s Blood also contains heavy amounts of titanium dioxide.

Looking for a coating that can withstand the elements? Look no further than devil’s blood. This powerful and superhydrophobic coating is perfect for those who need a durable product that can resist the harshest conditions. Plus, its self-cleaning feature is unlike anything on the market today. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting coating, devil’s blood is the perfect choice.

  • 3 Year Durability
  • Highest Level Of Hydrophobics
  • Great Chemical Resistance
  • Creates Outstanding Depth
  • Optimal Solution For Price and Quality
Aegis - 2 Year

Aegis - 2 Year

Aegis is a groundbreaking molecular achievement; this breakthrough contains over 76% Si02 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of pure Si02, which is higher quality and concentration in Si02 than most other coatings on the market. Aegis also contains titanium which is unseen in the industry for most coatings at this level.
Aegis is an exceptional all-round coating with amazing versatility that can also be used on exterior and interior surfaces and has a factory backed Guarantee for up to 2 years.

Aegis is our most versatile ceramic coating, offering outstanding protection for both exteriors and dedicated interior surfaces. This adaptable nano-technology based coating is so refined it’s an absolute marvel to behold.

  • 2 Year Durability
  • Flexible-hard Outer Shell
  • Adds high levels of gloss
  • High chemical resistance
  • Versatile-multi-surface
  • Si02 Content comparative to top tier competitor offerings that claim (5 years +)
Talon - High Temperature Wheel & Brake Component Coating

Talon - High Temperature Wheel & Brake Component Coating

Talon is our specialized high temperature coating which is used to coat wheels and brake components or anything that exceeds normal temperatures. Talon contains over 87% Si & Si02 and is a ceramic sealer that contains a material in its composition that gives it additional flexibility and enormous resistance to extremely high temperatures. Talon also contains 2.5% Titanium Dioxide .

Talon can also be used on brake calipers in racing cars, where the temperature of the brake discs can reach several hundred degrees, engine parts, exhaust tips in addition to unpainted plastic panels and trims. Talon is a Hyper-hydrophobic Nano-ceramic glass coating for wheels/rims of all types of surfaces. Let it be chrome, powder coat, polished aluminum, steel, painted etc.

Talon is our unique, layerable protective coating that is specialized for longevity under high temperatures.

  • 1 Year+ Durability
  •  Hyper hydrophobic Nano-ceramic ⁠
  •  Great hydrophobicity. ⁠
  • Heat resistant up to 800C. ⁠⁠
  •  Multi-layerable for added protection
  • Highest Levels of Depth & Gloss for Wheel Coating on the Market
Angel Tears Ceramic Coating Kit - Lovecars - Fireball - Ceramic Coatings - ZFBAngeltearskit -

Angel Tears- 1-2 Year

Finally, a high-quality Fireball Ceramic Coating for everyone!  Fireball the leaders in Ceramic coating technology have released Angel Tears, a very easy to apply ceramic coating that lasts 12-24 months with very high levels of slickness, hydrophobic properties and an extreme high gloss finish.

Angel Tears is an innovative coating that protects the paint surface from external contaminants, produces a deep shine and has intense hydrophobic properties. Angel Tears is easy to apply with a long working time and a lot of forgiveness (which cannot be said about all hobbyist coatings). Angel Tears is a true ceramic coating that hardens on the paint and creates a chemical bond. While we suggest Angel Tears for the paintwork, it can also be used on plastic trims and glass with care as well.

  • 12-24 Months Longevity
  • Safe For Paint, Trims, Glass, Wheels
  • High-Quality SiO2 Ingredients
  • Repels Water, Dirt & Dust
  • High Shine Finish
  • Hard Coating; Chemically Bonds

Fireball - The world's most Advanced Ceramic Coating

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