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New: Angel Tears Ceramic Coating Kit

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Finally, a high-quality Fireball Ceramic Coating for everyone!  Fireball the leaders in Ceramic coating technology have released Angel Tears, a very easy to apply ceramic coating that lasts 12-24 months with very high levels of slickness, hydrophobic properties and an extreme high gloss finish.

Angel Tears is an innovative coating that protects the paint surface from external contaminants, produces a deep shine and has intense hydrophobic properties. Angel Tears is easy to apply with a long working time and a lot of forgiveness (which cannot be said about all hobbyist coatings). Angel Tears is a true ceramic coating that hardens on the paint and creates a chemical bond. While we suggest Angel Tears for the paintwork, it can also be used on plastic trims and glass with care as well.

  • 12-24 Months Longevity
  • Safe For Paint, Trims, Glass, Wheels
  • High-Quality SiO2 Ingredients
  • Repels Water, Dirt & Dust
  • High Shine Finish
  • Hard Coating; Chemically Bonds

A 35ml Angel Tears is plenty to do all sized vehicles including SUVs. You should have some left over to do trims or other surfaces with the correct usage. A little goes a long way!


1. You're going to be locking in your paint and other surfaces - so the first important step is to prepare your paintwork to a high level. We suggest a clay bar and cut/polish before you begin to remove surface scratches and contamination.

2. Wash and dry your vehicle thoroughly. Dry water from all cracks and crevices, door jambs, badges etc... during application water will inhibit the bond of the coating so it's important your vehicle is as dry as possible.

3. If you have them put on nitrile gloves. Use the Fireball Reborn and 2x Microfiber Towels and strip all the surfaces; using a light mist of product - one cloth to spread and another to wipe off. Repeat if necessary until you have stripped the entire vehicle.

4.  Turn the bottle upside down and shake thoroughly for at least 5-10 seconds.

5. Starting a few panels at a time wipe Angel Tears on using the applicator in a cross-hatch pattern - left to right, then up and down. We suggest one or two panels at a time.

6. Allow the product to cure slightly until small water droplets appear then buff off after 5-10 mins maximum.  Wipe off time depends a bit on the heat and humidity - so we suggest wait 5 minutes and wipe off a test section to ensure it wipes off nicely.

7. After applying to the entire car do a thorough check for high spots (excess coating).  We recommend giving the entire vehicle one final buff with a clean microfiber after application to remove any high spots.  Then allow the product to cure for 24-48 hours until the vehicle sees any rain or water. Don't wash for 7 days.


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