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Fireball Bug Cleaner

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Fireball Bug Cleaner

Fireball Bug Cleaner is a designed to remove insects, tree sap, bird droppings and more in the pre wash stage of your detailing process. Unlike other products on the market; Fireball Bug Cleaner has an added proteolytic enzyme that breaks down the contaminants easily and requires less scrubbing and less time.

Bug Cleaner is best used diluted (even though it comes in a spray bottle; silly we know!). For normal use dilute 1:1 with water in a spray bottle - or if you have paint protection coatings we recommend diluting it weaker; up to 1:10 with water in a spray bottle.

Bug Cleaner is not pH neutral but is safe to use on coated and non-coated cars. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight; see the instructions tab for more information.

QTY: 500ml Spray Bottle, 4000ml Trade Tub

Nb. 500ml bottle supplied with a spray trigger.


Dilute before use. Use on exterior surfaces only and ensure to avoid the direct sun - and avoid allowing the product to dry before rinsing.

Use the diluted mixture (between 1:1-1:10 with water) and shake well. Spray onto the affected areas at a bit of distance from the vehicle; 20cm or so. Allow the product to react with the bugs, sap etc... and rinse clean with high pressure water within a 2 minute period. If you start to see the product drying up rinse it off immediately.

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