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Fireball Tar Remover

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Fireball Tar Remover

Fireball Tar Remover is a spray on solution that dissolves tar, sap, road grime and adhesive residue with minimal effort and minimal scrubbing. The light solvents in this product get to work quickly; and melt away the grime allowing you to simply wipe off any excess with a microfibre cloth.

The benefits of this product are all in the minimised need to rub the surface. Lower quality tar removers require you to 'scrub' the tar off which can cause scratches and swirls in the paintwork. Fireball Tar Remover liquefies the contaminants and makes removal easy.

Suitable for use on paintwork, glass, metal and plastics. Do not apply onto hot surfaces or in sun.

QTY: 500ml Spray Bottle, 4000ml Trade Tub

Nb. 500ml bottle supplied with a spray trigger.


Tar Remover needs to be thoroughly shaken before use. For safety we recommend testing on an inconspicuous area first before beginning. Avoid applying to a hot surface or in the sun.

Spray Tar Remover onto a clean, dry, cool surface to start the removal process. Allow the product to dwell for 30-60 seconds until you can see the product reacting with the tar spots - and then use a clean microfibre to gently wipe away the contaminants with minimal effort.

In some cases you may need to repeat the process a few times if there is a large amount of tar spots or contamination.

For removal of adhesives and stickers - you may want to pair Tar Remover with a plastic blade to aid removal.

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