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Wheel Kit - NEW - Fireball Wheel & Tyre - Choose your options

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Clean wheels make a huge difference!  If you do one thing to make your car look better clean your wheels, even a dirty car with clean wheels looks better. But cleaning wheels can be annoying and time consuming.  It is a lot easier and faster if you have the right gear, and you'll do a much better job too.

This New Kit gives you what you need to get your wheels clean, and gives you options as everyone's wheels are different.

This Kit is with the impressive Fireball Wheel & tyre Cleaner, and four brushes to help you clean all the areas of the tyre properly and easily.   


All Kits come with:

-  the Boar Hair detail brush for cleaning around the wheel nuts and coroner bits that you normally probably use your finger to do.

Natural Boar Hair Detailing Brush - lovecarsnz - RockCar - Brushes - r242b - 00810096300133

Boars hair is a natural product, it is natures most durable hair, and sheds less than horse hair, making it very popular with professional groomers.  Boar hair contains the same protein as human hair, keratin, and is similar in structure but thicker.  It is stronger and more durable.  

Boars hair stay strong and straight when wet and holds water and chemical, making it great to work with.

Great for cleaning around wheel nuts and other difficult areas, many professional detailers have multiple boars hair brushes for different areas, one dedicated for wheels, one dedicated for interior, one dedicated for engine bays etc.

The black polypropylene handle is chemical resistant and durable, with a helpful handing hole.

- The short stiff brush for really scrubbing the tyres (this will help any trim shine stick and last better)

Hard Carpet & Pad Brush 1EA - lovecarsnz - RockCar - Brushes - r472b - 00810096300201

 - A soft flat brush to clean the surface of the rims (you can use it on the tyre but it wont clean as well as the short stiff brush)

 this is the brush you need to best scrub the face of mag wheels, cleaning engine bays and more delicate surfaces where you need a brush but you want the brush to be soft.  Chemically resistant and durable bristles and handle, a must have to make light work of rougher jobs.   Can also be used to clean rubber and plastic, but we recommend also having our stiff version of this brush here as well which will clean dirty tyres faster. 


You Get a Choice of:

Hard or soft barrel brush (the hard will clean better but could scratch some rims, the soft is gentler but wont clean as well as the hard one, life is full of difficult choices and this is one of them).


Soft wheel barrel Brush super soft low scratch risk bristles clean well while being soft to your wheels, and bend down as needed allowing you to fit into the tiniest of gaps, perfect for wheels with low clearance, tight gaps, large calipers, etc.  The rubber end car protects wheels from scratching if the tip accidentally hits something while cleaning, and the rubber ring above the grip protect your hand from accidentally going bashing your knuckles against the rims if you get a bit too excited cleaning.  The brush moves easily and the long bristles fend and flex to fit through gaps and to maximize leverage and agitation, allowing you to clean better.  A great brush prefect for your detailing arsenal.



Tyre Shine, you can choose:

- No Tyre Shine

- ValetPro Maximum Shine Gel

Maximum Shine Tyre Gel is an easy to use gel-based formula that provides tyres with a high gloss finish. The product has been rigorously tested to ensure extreme durability through heavy rain to sunshine. For best results, do not use in direct sunlight.


- Fireball SiO2 GLOSS Or JANUS

Fireball Tyre Coating provides a great finish and coating for tyres that also repels dirt and water for a long-lasting shine. Being an SiO2 based tyre-protectant; Tyre Coating doesn't just enhance tyres but bonds to the rubber offering longer lasting protection than the competitors. The SiO2 helps to repel dirt effectively and has intensive hydrophobic properties; while stopping UV degradation and tyre fading.

Tyre Coating is available in two options;  Gloss and Janus. All have similar durability (4+ washes) and application characteristics with a different overall finish. 

Gloss - A shiny finish that we describe as somewhere between satin and high gloss. Not as shiny as silicon - a more wet shine that looks great on modern vehicles.

Janus - A completely different approach on tyre coatings - Janus contains a pearlescent product to leave a pearl effect and semi gloss shine that looks amazing in the sun.


If you choose a Tyre Shine you will also get a Rockcar Wave Applicator to easily apply and work it into the grooves of the tyre.  Pro tip:  don't just go found and round, also go in and out to really get it in the groves.  And scrub the tyres well before you apply it and try them or let them dry, so the product can really penetrate in, that way it will last way longer.)


Wave Tyre & Trim Applicator Our go to applicator tor tyres and plastic trim.  Use it  to apply an even layer of tyre shine or restore plastic and trim.  The wave patter helps spread the product more evenly and is especially good at getting it into grooves and texture, like on a tyre for example or other uneven surfaces.  


Do You Want to Add Iron Remover for Brake Dust. 


It's not a cleaner and isn't effective on dirt and grime, its a chemical that breaks the bond of iron particles 

Your brake pads are normal made up of iron, when you brake this wears and find dust of that iron goes into the air and onto your wheels and can also land on the area around it. It can be hard to get off, as it can sometimes bond to metal, then it can rust. its important to get it off your paint.

Normally you can remove a lot of it with a decent wheel cleaner, and some brushes.  Sometimes the iron has bonded, when that happens it can be hard to get off, we have a special product that isn't a cleaner but designed to break the bond to remove the iron. its more expensive as it costs more to manufacture chemically, but it's very effective for removing iron.  

Decon Pro - Decontamination & Iron Remover (473ml 16 oz)  DeCon Pro is the specialty color-changing gel that removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and body panels before they can destroy your car!




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