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Super Soft Sheepskin Short Wheel Brush

by RockCar
SKU r622b
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Original price $34.99
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A super soft wheel brush with soft black sheepskin by rockcar.  This is a great brush for sensitive or shiny black rims.  Also great for cleaning exhaust pipes. Super soft to the touch this is a great brush that your wheels will love.  Cleans well but as a soft brush is not as aggressive as our other wheel barrel brushes, so if you have very bad wheels you may want to get a range of brushes to allow you to escalate as needed.  This brush is very popular with people with black wheels who want to clean them with lowest risk of scratching.  Remember scratching comes not just from the brush but also from the dirt on the surface, for this reason use good lubrication with a quality wheel cleaner like sticky wheel gel, and we recommend using a dedicated wheel bucket with dirt trap.

This brush is natural sheepskin and needs to be cared for it to last, be careful not to "skin it" on brake calipers, and avoid excessive soaking in water.  Always rinse out and leave to dry.  

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