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Rockcar Performer Large Soft Drying Towel - Our Favorite Drying Towel!

by RockCar
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Super absorbent, large & Soft drying towel.

Most drying towels talk about how fast they dry, and yes this towel is amazingly absorbent and the fastest drying towel we have tested.  but more importantly it does not scratch the surface and has a long super soft twisted loop weave to avoid dragging any grit or dirt left on the surface across the paint.  It is hands down our favorite drying towel, and is seriously impressive.

- Super Absorbent, super soft, long scratch free twisted loop increase the surface area and grab dirt and pull is away from the paint surface to reduce scratching from dragging particles across the paint.

- Tagless, stickerless, hemmed hidden edge

- non abrasive, lint free, very durable, 

- Soft on paint

- Double sided with different coloured sides to tell them apart

- Verry well made of high quality materials.

- 1,100 gsm, 70:30 blend, 914x635mm, 36x25"

- normally can dry up to 2 cars with one cloth!  

The perfect size and weight for maximum scratch free drying while still being manageable.  In our testing we found going larger or heavier made the towel too had to work with especially when heavy with absorbed water.  We found this size and weight to be the sweet spot of maximum absorbency without being too large or heavy when wet to work with.  Though we recombed using a dry cloth for each vehicle for best results.   Often we were able to dry 2 cars with the same cloth! 

The Rockcar Performer is the best drying towel we have had 

We love the new Rockcar Performer Drying towel!

We were super impressed with the new performer drying towel from Rockcar, it is so absorbent and soft

Micro fiber, micro-fiber, microfiber 

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