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Matched Combo - 1 Step Medium Paint/Clearcoat

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1x Autostolz One Step Polish & Compound 500ml


A True One Step. The Latest Technology in Polishing Performance & Efficiency. Particles are made diamond hard to achieve high abrasion while simultaneously significantly finer to produce a high finish shine and gloss.

Removes up to 2,000 grit quickly and easily.  A second step is no longer required, performance and efficiency is improved.  No fillers, no silicones, no waxes, no toxic solvents, body shop safe.  



1. Clean and clay the surface first.  Work on cool paint in the shade, in a dry dust-free area, paint should not exceed 30°C (86°F).  Pads must be matched to hardness of the paint.  For deeper scratches sand to 2,000 grit first.

2. Start with 5-6 large pea sized dots, work it into the pad gently by hand or spreader. You want to work some polish into the cuts in the pad and cover all of the pad surface evenly and thinly (not thick) It is important no not miss a section as this could lead to micro abrasions.  Recommended speeds: DA /Random Orbital: 1,500-10,000rpm. Rotary: 1,500 – 2,000 rpm

3. Reapply more polish as necessary, typically 1/5 of a bottle per car depending on condition and use.  When finished Remove any polish residue with a soft and clean microfibre cloth.

With all chemicals always do a small, subtle test spot first. Do not let freeze.

Cut:   Low (Final Finish)

Recommended Combinations:   

For Hard Clearcoat/Paint like on European Car Brands, Autostolz/Rockcar Blue Euro pad.

For Medium Clearcoat/Paint, Autostolz/Rockcar Purple Standard pad.

For Soft Clearcoat/Paint like on a Japanese/Asian Car Brands, Autostolz/Rockcar Gold pad.

Size: 500ml

Made in Germany

Weight 0.569

Volume 0.00081


Combined with:

Autostolz/Rockcar Purple Standard Medium Polishing Pad 145/25mm

This Firm Pad is a high quality medium pad.  Ideal for 1 step or 3 step polishes, or light all round detailing work.  

This firm pad is coarse open cell to maximise cooling and minimize heat buildup.  The foam is highly heat resistant to allow longer work times on hard paint.  The fine crosshatched cuts that serve multiple purposes:  More compound is retained on the pad, and as the pad is used these open up and expand to increase the surface area and abrasion, similar to the fibers of a wool pad, but with the cooling and longer work time advantages of an open cell foam pad.  These cuts also increase work time as the pad cools better, and the cuts allow removed clearcoat to go away from the surface, for a better finish, and the pad can be used longer.

A 90-degree step reduces pad roll.

Size: Medium Fits 5”/125mm Backing plates Pad Size: 145mmx25mm

Cut:  Medium (1 Step for Most Cars)

Made In Germany

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