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Fireball Black Fox Microfibre Applicator

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Fireball Black Fox Microfibre Applicator

The Fireball Black Fox Microfibre Applicator has a wide range of uses including applying protectants, cleaners and coatings. The soft sponge block is wrapped in a super soft microfibre which gives great flexibility and ergonomic qualities. The microfibre surface is edge-less to reduce the chances of scratching the surface.

Black Fox Microfibre Applicators are perfect to evenly apply protectants on interiors, exteriors, leather, rubber, vinyl and more. As well as applying protectants you can also use the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator to apply coatings, waxes and sealants.

The Black Fox Microfibre Applicator is the applicator of choice for use in conjunction with Fireball Paintwork Cleaner. Supplied with a resealable bag for dust-free storage.

Size: 13cm x 10cm


Instructions for the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator will vary depending on usage; however some guidelines are laid out below. To maintain the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator keep it away from high heat (over 30-40 degrees) and always allow to dry away from heat. Clean thoroughly after use to prolong the life of the applicator.

Ensure the surface is clean and apply a small amount of your chosen interior or exterior protectant to the microfibre applicator. Using light pressure spread the protectant across the surface until a consistent surface is achieved. Always rinse excess product quickly and thoroughly from the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator.

Paintwork Cleaner
When using the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator for Fireball Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner there are a few specific steps to follow. Firstly wash the car down thoroughly ensuring there is no dirt or dust present. DO NOT dry the vehicle yet. Always apply Ultimate Paintwork Cleaner out of the sun and onto a very wet surface. Wet the Black Fox Microfibre Applicator first to the point of the applicator dripping with water. Rinse down a panel thoroughly before squirting a good amount of product onto the applicator. Spread the product across the panel using little to no pressure. Once thoroughly spread rinse off the excess product immediately. Repeat if required; always working one panel at a time. Dry down after complete application.

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