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Best Easy Shine Kit for Black Cars - NEW!

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Black cars look amazing, but they show everything!  this kit gives you all you need to quickly and easily hide minor imperfections and light scratches, make the black paint pop and shine, and protect the paint and make it much easier to clean.  Protection lasts 6-9 months.  

With all the products we have here at love cars, this is what we use on our black car.  Its quick and easy and hard to beat.  here's some photos of the shine it gave you our 2005 Black Mercedes van in Christchurch:

The Autostolz and Chemical Guys Easy Shine Kit


 This is an amazing combination.


How to make your black car shine and bead quickly and easily by hand:

This kit gives you all you need.

Step 1 Apply the Glaze:

Work on a clean dry car with cool to touch paint.  For best results clay first.

Apply a thin coating of Blacklight Glaze with one of the rockcar show starter applicators by hand.  You don't need to work it in, just make sure you get an even thin coating across all the paint.  Don't get it on any rubber or plastic trim or windows and headlights.  Wait 15 mins from the start if the application, then buff off with one of the rockcar roadie microfiber cloths.  Use the cloths flat, folder into 4, as you buff off the blacklight glaze, the towel will slowly get clogged, when it stops removing and just smears the glaze around, flip to a new side.  This gives you 8 sides.  Work with the cloth flat and your fingers spread to give maximum surface area contact (don't bunch them up).   

Make sure you have good lighting to see and then make sure you have buffed off all the hazing to a high shine before moving to the next stem.  Let the Blacklight Cure for 30 minutes before the next step (or before applying a second layer of Blacklight Glaze if you choose)

Step 2 Apply the Enhanced Wax Coating (sealant):

Then apply the Autostolz Enhanced Wax with a new applicator, you do not need to wait to buff off, by the time you have applied it, it will have flashed and you can buff it off immediately in the same manner.  Unlike the Blacklight Glaze you can also apply it to windows, glass, clear plastic, mirrors, chrome, mag wheels, polished aluminum and stainless steel.  We recommend using it on the windows and head and tail lights to help protect them.  The water beading is impressive.

You can double up on the layers, especially the Autostolz Enhanced wax for more shine and protection.  Just make sure you have fully buffed off any white haze before adding the next layer or you will lock that in.


To work faster and easier use more cloths and swap more regularly.

This kit contains 2 cloths and 2 applicators, but you can buy more separately if you like.

Clean cloths later with microfiber wash (not included), do not use fabric softener or powdered wash, we recommend using microfiber wash as it is specifically designed to clean microfibers properly without damaging or clogging them.  Either hand dry or dry on a very low heat (you do not want to risk meting the ends and making them hard and scratchy)


What's in the kit: 

Chemical Guys Blacklight Glaze - like makeup for black/dark cars

1x Chemical Guys Blacklight Glaze, 473ml, made in USA:

Black Light is pure eye-candy for black and dark-colored cars. The amazing hybrid glaze adds tons of deep wet shine, fills in minor imperfections, and lays down a layer of durable sealant in one step!

Use This Glaze To: 

  • Give your black car a dazzling deep-wet shine
  • Skip the time consuming sealing step
  • Fill in swirls without cutting or polishing
  • Lightly cleanse paintwork for brightest shine
  • Even out paint surface for mirror-like reflection

Customized Care For Your Black Car

If left untreated, black paintwork fades, oxidizes, and shows scratches like no other color. Black Light protects and enhances black paint to give it back a sinister glowing reflection. The intense gloss enhancers and micro-refined oils in this glaze fill minor swirls and scratches, reducing their visibility, allowing the surface to better reflects light and glow with a dark mirror-like shine.

Advanced Sealants Lock In Candy Sparkle

Automobile paint faces a constant onslaught from the elements. Sunlight, weather, and pollution damage can degrade painted finishes over time, especially on black cars. Black Light contains premium UV inhibitors that block harmful  solar rays, protecting and maintaining the dark glow on your car. Black Light helps protect paintwork against pollution, brake dust, industrial fallout, and water spots. 

 How to use it:

  1. Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of glaze onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  2. Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
  3. Allow glaze to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
  4. Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
  5. Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.


 The latest in German engineered Synthetic Coating technology to improve the shine, durability and longevity of wax and sealants

1x Autostolz Enhanced Carnauba Wax Coating, 500ml, Made in Germany - NEW!

The latest in German engineered Synthetic Coating technology to improve the shine, durability and longevity of wax and sealants. 

Natural Carnauba wax is synthetically improved to give much longer durability, shine, protection, and water beading, while improving the application and ease of use.  This unique formulation is made of high quality natural and synthetic chemicals. It applies and feels like a wax.  It is a non-permanent long lasting coating, developed to be durable against alkaline cleaning products.  Longevity varies, normally protection lasts 6-9 months.

Use on cool surfaces only, surface should not exceed 30⁰C (86⁰F). With all chemicals always do a subtle test spot first. Do not let freeze. Do not use on matte or satin finishes.

DIRECTIONS: Apply on cool paint in the shade, in a dry dust-free area, paint should not exceed 30°C (86°F).  Can be applied to painted surfaces, clearcloat, glass, clear plastic and most polished metals.  Apply evenly.  Once dry buff off.  Cures in a flash time of just 3-5 minutes, but can typically be removed easily after this.


 Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Applicator (2 Pack)   Soft Microfiber Applicator, 70/30 Blend to reduce scratching Tight weave to reduce product wastage No Scratching, tagless, stickerless. Highest quality – Made in Korea

1x 2 pack of Rockcar Show Starter Applicators (2 applicators), Green Pop, Made in Korea

Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Applicator (2 Pack)

  •  Soft Microfiber Applicator, 70/30 Blend to reduce scratching
  • Tight weave to reduce product wastage
  • No Scratching, tagless, stickerless.
  • Highest quality – Made in Korea, 125 x 95 x 28mm, 4.92x 3.74x 1.1

Roadie Soft All Purpose Cloth - Midnight Sky (Dark Blue/Black)

1x 2 Pack of Rockcar Roadie Soft All Purpose Cloth - Midnight Sky (Dark Blue/Black)

Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (2 Pack)

  • Our most used microfiber cloth. Soft non scratch all-purpose cloth optimal for cleaning and buffing off
  •  70/30 blend high quality weave
  •  No scratching. Tagless, stickerless, cornerless, offset join away from the corners for durability.
  • Highest quality – Made in Korea. 400x400mm, 15.75x15.75”, 250gsm

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