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Leather - How to Clean and Condition Leather Properly, Including Perforated Leather - Lovecars

Leather - How to Clean and Condition Leather Properly, Including Perforated Leather

The trick to cleaning and conditioning leather is to clean it first, then condition it.  Leather absorbs oils and grime from your hands and sitting in the car, along with other dirt and smells, these absorb in and can break down the leather over time.  To keep your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new it is important to clean these oils and grime away and to then condition it with a quality leather conditioner so that it stays supple and nourished.  You don't want the leather drying out, especially in our harsh sun.  It's so sad to see a nice car that hasn't had the leather looked after and is all dry and cracked and worn.  If you look after your leather, it will last much longer and look and feel much better and will keep its new car leather smell better as well.  It's really easy to do with the right great, and that's what this kit is designed for.

This is an improvement on our earlier kits with the premium Autostolz range of leather products.  The leather cleaner can also be used to clean plastic making it handy to give the whole interior a clean at the same time, it's phosphate free and a gentle but effective cleaner.  Spray some onto the horse hair brush and gently scrub.  then use one of the Roadie microfiber cloths in the kit to wipe up and lifted grime with the residue cleaner, do this as you go withing a section at a time as you want to wipe up the residue and lifted grim before it dries back on the leather, otherwise you are just moving things around.  

The horse hair brush is soft and ideal for gently scrubbing and cleaning leather, some bristles may come out as you work, this is normal and due to the soft horse hairs being difficult to clamp into a brush than synthetic fibers.  You can use it to clean plastic and other interior surfaces as well.  This kit has the high quality rock car horse hair brush.

Once clean and dry, condition the leather with the Autostolz Sprayable Leather Conditioner.  This new formula will not clog perforated leather, and includes lanolin to naturally moisturize and condition your leather.  

Link to kit used in Video:


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Pradeep Magan - March 20, 2024

Hi I have heated leather seats can I use the products you have recommended thanks

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