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White Cross-Linked Applicator w/ Hex Surface (1.75" X 2.5" X 4.625")

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Original price $14.99
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The Easy Grip Applicator Pad combines a comfortable base handle with soft Hex Logic foam to precisely spread the perfect coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant.

Use This Applicator To: 

  • Conform to any shape the pad is pressed on
  • Ensure 100% coverage and perfect results
  • Apply with no product bleed through or extra mess
  • Keep fingers and hands clean and dry
  • Get a soft scratch free touch

Dual-Foam Design Keeps Product Where It Belongs

Normal applicator pads are made with porous foam all the way to the handle. After a few uses, products seep to the grip and get all over the user’s hands. The Easy Grip Applicator uses a dense core foam grip that does not absorb any creams, liquids, or gels. This simple design keeps products off the fingers, and adds a stable base for comfortable and precise product spread on any car part.

Versatile No-Mess Applicator

Using the Easy Grip Applicator saves product, time, and the surface from swirls and scratches. The plush foam and Hex Logic grooves spread product evenly and efficiently with minimal waste and chances of scratching any painted surfaces. Easily spread any cream, paste, or gel coating over any painted surface, glass, polished metal, clear optical plastic, or leather or vinyl upholstery.


How to use it:

  1. Clean the surface to be coated, protected, or dressed.
  2. Use an all purpose cleaner, car wash soap, or specialty cleaner to remove any embedded debris, dirt, grease, or grime.
  3. Apply 3 - 6 dots of any Chemical Guys cream or gel product onto the applicator pad.
  4. Gently spread the chosen product over the workpiece in straight lines.
  5. Work to ensure a thin, even coat over the entire surface. Store in a clean, dry place between uses.


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