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Pet Hair Brush

by RockCar
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" Finally a pet hair brush that actually works works!"  - Rob, Auckland.

Quickly and easily removes pet hairs from carpets, floormats, upholstery, books, and cloth.  


Pet hair can be tricky to remove from carpets and cloth, the hairs get into the fibers and are hard to remove.  Our Pet hair brush has rounded rubber bristles that not only move the fibers and grab pet hair,  they also use static electricity to effectively grab and draw the pet hairs out.   The extra flat rubber edge on the side is also great for a quick scrape removing hairs as well.

Many other pet brushes can have hard surfaces that can damage the fibers of some cloths and carpets.  Our pet hair brush is soft rubber.  Most of the work is done by the design of the bristles and the antistatic if creates, as opposed to abrasive friction. 

Its simply, gentle, soft and it works.

We are also hearing from customers that this is also a big hit with their pets- they are brushing their pets with it and the pets love it as its so soft and gentle, yet effective!

"It not only removes the pet hairs, but Cruiser loves it, I use it to brush him as well"  -  Judy, Auckland.

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