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Zephyr Spray Wax & Polish For Paint and Metal & Glass 473ml, 16oz.

by Zephyr
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Quickly clean, wax and polish your paint, wheels, even windows. 

Just polished your wheels?  Use this to quickly and easily protect them to keep them looking shinier longer, and make them easier to clean.  Also use it on paint and windows to add shine, and a layer of protection for water to bead off and to make it easier to clean.


Metal and Paint are very porous, contaminants like road grime get into the pores and can be hard to clean off.  Using Zephyr Spray wax gives a smooth slick layer between the surface and the elements.  this not only slows oxidation and so means you can go longer before you have to polish again, it also is a lot easier to clean dirt, grime and brake dust etc off the smooth Zephyr Wax.


Great to have in the cab to quickly clean and shine your wheels when you have to wait around, like at the depot or ferry terminal (just stay out of the way of forklifts if loading!).


Also great to have at a truck show as no matter how mush you polish it you just know it's going to get dirty on the drive there!  


Zephyr nickname it "SPO-DEE-O-DEE".  It is a remarkable non-abrasive Spray Wax and Polish that you can use anywhere! Water is unnecessary.


Use it on any non-porous surface, dirty or not. It seals as it cleans and polishes without scratching.  Do not use it on plastic trim.


Made by Zephyr in LA.  #1 in metal polish for a reason.  

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