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Mitt Slide - Forest Black

by RockCar
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The Mitt Slide is a new product made in Korea, and is a huge step up on previous models.  We are a big fan.  It is curved so it doesn't just sit in the bottom, but curves up the side, so that you can easily wash the grip off your wash mitt as you put it in the bucket.  The gaps are tapered to the grit falls through the mitt slide and is trapped on the other side.  

It keeps your wash mitt and wash water clean, reducing the chances of scratching your car dramatically.


Most scratches on your car come from washing it, you wipe the dirt and grit off, then back in to the wash bucket where it all ends up back on the mitt again, where you then go and rub this grit covered mitt all over your cars paint again.  Those swirly scratches on your paint, chances are they are from grit on your mitt like this when you wash.  

We have a range of products to help trap and filter the water and keep the grit down, but this new mitt slide also allows you to clean the mitt easily.  Its curve is very natural and intuitive to use and makes it easy, quick and effective.


Advantages of the mitt slide for your wash bucket

Available in 3 colours:  Forrest Black, Mint Blue, Sunset Orange.

The Mitt Slide is available in a range of 3 colours

 mitt slide in action cleaning grit off a wash mitt

 mitt slide close upmitt slide traping grit

mitt slide is much more than a grit guard or dirt trap

Mitt Slide bucket insert to reduce scratches details and dimensions

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