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Lake Country Knitted Low Lint Lambswool With Foam Interface (better and easier to use)

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Lake Country Knitted Low Lint Lambswool w/ Foam Interface

The Lake Country Lambswool Foamed Interface Low Lint Pad is a low knit wool pad, designed to help you remove heavy imperfections with ease! This unique pad features high-quality lambswool that is knitted, prewashed and matted to a foam backing, which provides you with a great deal of corrective power without sacrificing comfort, performance, and feel. The padded interface allows for the ease of use mentioned, but also helps increase the overall durability of the pad. The low lint wool provides you with residue control and all of the polishing results you will need.

Any swirls, light scratches, and other ugly imperfections are no match for this pad and can be used on a rotary or dual action machine. If you are looking for a heavy cutting wool pad, the Lake Country Lambswool Foamed Interface Low Lint Pad is a great choice!

Designed for dual action, force rotation, long throw dual action and mini long throw machines.

Cutting Grade: 10/10
Finishing Grade: 5/10

Made in the USA.

Available in 3.25", 5.25" and 6" sizes (to suit 3", 5" and 6" Backing Plates)

QTY: 1x Velcro Backed Pad


During Use: Remove polish and compound buildup from your Lake Country Wool Pads with a wool pad cleaning spur often during use for optimum performance.

After Use: Wash your pads after buffing while the compound or polish is fresh for easy cleanup. Use Snappy Clean Boost™ Pad Cleaning Powder in 3 to 4 gallons of water to release compound and polish from your Lake Country Low Lint Foam Interface Knitted Wool Pads without residue. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes then agitate by hand or use a pad washer and rinse thoroughly with water.

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