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Lake Country Force Pad - Red Waxing

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Lake Country Force Pad - Red Waxing

The Lake Country Force Red Ultra Fine Finishing Pad is purely a finishing pad built for applying waxes, sealants or very fine finishing compounds. The hybrid foam technology this pad is made of, has a slightly larger cell structure than the other Force line of pads, which allows for better residue control when applying protection. Paired with the appropriate product this pad will yield an exceptional finish to your paintwork for extra gloss, depth and sparkle. 

- Safely and easily apply your favorite liquid wax or sealant
- Hybrid foam technology keeps the polish on the surface of the pad
- Designed for rotary, fixed rotation, micro polishers & DA polishers

Cutting Grade: 0/10
Finishing Grade: 10/10

Made in the USA.

Available in 1", 2", 5.5" and 6.5" sizes (to suit 1", 2", 3", 5" and 6" Backing Plates)

QTY: 1x Velcro Backed Pad

Pad Measurements:
  • 1" Pads: Measure 1.5" x .75" with a 1.25" backing (NO center hole). Made to fit 1" backing plates
  • 2" Pads: Measure 2.5" x .75" with a 2" backing (NO center hole). Made to fit 2" backing plates
  • 5.5" Pads: Measure 5.5" x 1.25" with a 5" loop (with center hole). Made to fit on 4-3/8" and 5" backing plates
  • 6.5" Pads: Measure 6.5" x 1.25" with a 6" loop (with center hole). Made to fit 5.5" and 6" backing plates

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