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Happy Trail Outdoor Pine Scent AIr Freshener & Odor Eliminator (16 oz) 473ml

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Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent is the air freshener and odor eliminator that smells like the great outdoors and imbues any stinky space with the fresh, clean scent of pine trees, nature, and a whole lot of good memories!

Awesome Outdoorsy Scent Features:

  • Smells like the great outdoors
  • Active odor eliminators eliminate bad odors
  • Brings the scent of outdoors inside
  • Use it in your car, house, office, and more
  • Clean, fresh scent of nature

Escape Back To Nature

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors, and now you can enjoy the relaxing scent of nature on demand. From the pine trees to the mountains and the birds to the bees, an adventure outdoors is sure to clear your mind and refresh your spirit. Tough day at work? Long commute driving you crazy? Lightly spritz Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator and let the fresh, clean scent put your senses back on the right path!

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Sometimes, we just need to get back to our roots and reconnect with nature. Mist Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent in your house, car, office, and more to bring the scent of the outdoors inside and enjoy the clean and elevating scent of nature. Just one spritz evokes the soft, refreshing, and rich scent of pine that calms your senses and sends you on a mental vacation to that quiet place far away where you can relax in peace..

The Scent You've Been Pining For

More than just an air freshener, Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent helps eliminate odors at the source, so your stinky space smells more like the fresh outdoors and less like a wet Sasquatch. If you’ve been pining for a clean, fresh scent, then grab a bottle of Chemical Guys Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent and enjoy the great outdoors! Let’s take a walk in the woods, shall we?

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