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Foam Cannon Upgrade - Flexible gravity pipe upgrade with stainless steel ball filter

by RockCar
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Customizers and Modders will also love that you can swap this out for the neon green flexible intake hose and high quality stainless steel integrated filter and gravity ball weight (not included, optional extra).  This not only looks cool, a bit like a splice of colour on the brake calipers, you can also trim this to suit your optimal length, allowing you to either have it long and sitting at the bottom, or if you like to hold it sideways like in Bad boys, trim the hose so the ball doesn't bend at the bottom of the bottle but hangs straight, then when you tilt the bottle the heavy gravity ball filter will drop to the bottom, ensuring even when the bottle is not flat the hose is still at the bottom where the soap and water mixture is.  This is great if you are holding the foam gun low, like doing the lover panels and the bottle is getting low, it will adjust to keep the foam cannon sucking up liquid and not air so you can effortlessly keep going.  This was something that used to annoy us on other foam cannons especially at the end of a wash when the soap is running low.

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