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Foam Cannon Mesh Filter

by RockCar
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High quality stainless steel mesh foamer replacement for Rockcar Stealth Blackline edition.

This fine mesh is one of the key reasons a snow foam cannon gives thick foam.  This is a replacement filter for the Rockcar Stealth Blackline edition.  It is high quality stainless steel, and engineered to maximise foam production, disrupting the high pressure flow of water and soap mixture to aerate it and produce thick foam.  This will also fit most other snow foam lances, so is a cheaper way to upgrade existing snow foam cannons to produce higher foam levels like on the Rockcar Stealth Snow Foamer.

Why do you need to replace the foaming mesh in snow foam cannons?  Being high quality stainless steel, it is not that the filters themselves fail, but that over time contaminants will make their way into the foam cannon either from the water supply or the soap and water mix bottle.  Over time this can build up and reduce the flow and also the foam production of the snow foam gun or lance.  Replacing the mesh filters is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to improve the performance of a foam cannon or snow foam lance that has been used for some time.

The Rockcar Stealth is a fully serviceable snow foam cannon with replacement parts like this available making it easier to maintain and more longer lasting than other snow foam cannons on the market.

We also sell replacement proficient nozzles in a range of sizes, these also play a large part in producing thick foam.  The size of the internal orifice through which water passes in the snow foam gun also impacts foam production as it changes the volume of water that can pass through, for higher pressure water plasters having the correct sized orifice and a clean high quality stainless steal foamer mesh is critical to avoid excess pressure building up that would cause back pressure, which can then lead to the water blasters surging as its safety pressure switches turn the water pump off when excess back pressure is noted, then  on again as it subsides, and so on.  

There are many inferior filters that produce poor foaming.  This is properly engineered for maximum foam performance.  If your foam cannon is not performing as you would like we recommend these three easy and cheap steps to take:

  1. replace the mesh
  2. replace the orifice to match the correct size for your water blasters pressure
  3. Getting a high quality snow foam soap.  


This also fits other Snow Foam Cannons, like Chemical Guys Big Mouth and PA Italy.



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