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Fireball Grace

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Fireball Grace

Fireball Grace is an amazingly user-friendly SiO2 infused spray sealant. Grace has been designed with user-friendly application in mind; which can sometimes be one of the troubles with SiO2 infused products.

SiO2 is the chemical formulation often found in hard ceramic coatings. This means you're going to get amazing water beading, high shine, deep reflections and a certain level of self cleaning that you wouldn't find with a 'normal' sealant.

Grace is a simple spray and buff application. Grace has been designed as a standalone product that does not require an existing ceramic coating - you can simply spray Grace, buff off and enjoy! On average you only need one mist per panel - and one bottle should do 30+ cars with a durability of up to 4 weeks.

QTY: 500ml Spray Bottle

Nb. 500ml bottle supplied with a spray trigger.

What's the difference between Fireball Pirouette & Fireball Grace? Well, the way Fireball has set up these two products is with a slightly different intention. Pirouette is a longer-lasting product that is designed also as a top-up layer for ceramic coatings, but can suffer from not being as user friendly for first time SiO2 users. Grace is a shorter lasting product but is extra slick and easier to apply without excess buffing and fluffing around. Grace is also designed to be a stand-alone spray sealant!


Shake the bottle well to mix. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply in good lighting.

Spray a moderate amount onto a Microfiber Black Fox Applicator or Fireball Microfiber Towel. Alternative method: Spray directly on the paint and spread out left and right, then up and down, covering the entire panel. Work it into the paint evenly until almost non-visible. Flip the towel and continue buffing.

Switch to a fresh clean towel and buff the area once more to ensure no residue remains. Let the surface remain to dry for roughly 2 hours while Grace is fully curing.

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