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Box of Pro 40 Metal Polish - Box Of 12 16 oz / 473ml Bottles

by Zephyr
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Buy a box and Save!  12 x 473ml bottles, cheaper by the dozen.  Split a box with your mates and have a Zephyr Shine off.  


Number one for a reason, Zephyr Pro 40 is super easy to use - simply wipe it on, let it dry and wipe it off. and the result - WOW! 

Pro-40 is #1 in the Heavy Duty Truck Industry, as it has special ingredients that allow you to have a “Mirror Shine” in less than half the time it takes with other polishes.

Check out some of these photos, and see why it is to go to polish for professionals across USA, and now NZ.  

You have tried other polishes, they work fine.  But Zephyr takes it to the next level to get you an amazing mirror shine so easily.  

Us it on all metals, from Aluminium, Stainless steel, Chrome, Copper...  

Cut the time you are spending polishing your metal and step up your game to get better results.  If you haven't tried Zephyr Pro 40 you will be impressed.

Consistent quality, and a thick polish that is easy to apply.  And oh so easy to remove.  

Go on, give it a go and get some Z shine!

Check out these impressive pictures of the results.
Want to take it even further?

Grab our Super Shine Kit to use with a machine to do multi stepped metal polishing of large areas like truck bumpers, wheels and bodies.  This kits use compound bars and wheels, a pro tip is to apply Pro 40 to the metal and then buff off with the finishing bar and wheel for amazing results.  Check out the Kit here:  
Click Here

What's the difference between pro 40 and pro 25?

Pro 25 is Zephyrs latest polish.  It is finer and has less cut and more sealant than Pro 40.  It was developed for American Force 4x4/light truck wheels to have less cut and give  longer lasting shine.  Bit the Pro 40 and Pro 25 are amazing polishes, most pro metal polishers have both in their arsenal.  
Click here to learn more about Zephyr Pro 25 

Polishing cloths matter:

Your work is so much easier and quicker with a decent Zephyr polishing towel.  Yeah you can use and old shirt, but the results wont be anywhere near as good and you will have to rub a lot harder.  polish like a pro, get the right gear.
Check them out here: 

Big job on small areas, like cars:  

Want to work faster and have more cut on a smaller area like on a car where a 10" wheel is too big to get in there?  Check out our 8 piece mini kit in small size, that fits on a normal drill.  We sell a lot of their to pro car detailers who need to shine up trim and bumpers and want to save time and get better results.  You can do a multi step polish on even small areas with this kit, or just use it to make the polishing easier work for you. 
Check it out here

Small areas in truck wheels, like around the lug nuts and holes:

The difference is in the details.  Getting into those small areas on truck wheels without these can be real hard, but is key to getting a great result.  Make life easier for yourself with the right great.  This kit is great, it goes on a normal drill and makes those small areas on truck wheels so much easier - and the shine, oh yeah!  Don't have your polishing work let down by missed areas on the edges and gaps.
Check it out here

Want top do more than polish the metal:

Zephyrs Quick detail kit has what you need to get show ready, with pro 40 metal polish, plus Zephyrs Pro 33 for your rubber, tyres and floormats, and its famous Pro 33 spray wax for all paint and metal surfaces to bring out an amazing shine, and protect your ride.  oh, it also makes it easier to maintain and keep your shine longer, saving you work.  Awesome stuff.  It also comes in a  cool box, making it a great gift!

Check it out here 


Do you have different sizes:

No.  We used to stock smaller and larger bottles, however most polishers found the small bottle not enough, and the large bottle was too big and hard to handle, they waisted too much product.  they then tried to decant it into smaller bottles, and waisted more product.  So we ended up only selling the standard bottle.  Once use used up the larger and smaller bottles we discussed it with some customers and everyone suggested just stocking the standard sized bottle, but stocking a lot more of it so they could get it when they wanted it.  So that's what we did.  If you are after a lot of product we do sell it in boxes of 12 as well, which is a great way to save money.  A lot of customers do this and go in with a few friends to get a box and split it up between themselves.  If you really want a different size and are happy to commit to quantity please message us and we can look to stock it, but not for a one off order of 1 bottle.
Click here to buy a box of 12 standard bottles of Zephyr Pro 40 
 Wheel and Tank kit and cloths in some photos sold separately.

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