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Polish and Compound Chart and run through - Lovecars

Polish and Compound Chart and run through

We have polishes and compounds from Autostolz Made in Germany, and Chemical Guys Made in USA.  Both are great products. 
Chemical Guys approach is more around particle sizes of multiple step polishing, you have larger particles to remove more paint, and go over with finer particles to remove the marks from the first step until you get to a final polish. 
Autostolz is a new Polishing manufacturer with a different approach.  All their polishes have tiny particle sizes, cut is instead achieved by making particles harder, and the chemical formulas of the polishing liquids.
Both are great brand and products, and it is great to be able to offer the range and give choice.
Here are two videos explaining the different polishing ranges of Autostolz and Chemical Guys, followed by a chart categorizing the range of polishes of both together.

Autostolz Range of Polishes:

Chemical Guys Range of Polishes:


Comparison Chart Categorizing Polishes from Autostolz and Rockcar:


The Best Heavy Cut Polish and Compound from Autostolz Made in GermanyChemical Guys Heavies Polish and Compound is V32Chemical Guys V34 is a Medium Polish and Compound for light to medium paint defectsChemical Guys C4 Compound is the newest compound from Chemical Guys

Medium Polishes and Compounds:

Autostolz One Step Polish and Compound takes out 2,000 grit and is super easy and impressive to use, Made in GermanyChemcial Guys V36 is a good all round polish that normally can be used as a one step depending on the paint and pad


Final Finish, Light Polishes:

 Chemical Guys p4 polish is the newest polish from Chemical GuysChemical Guys Final Finish Polish is the V38, made in USAAutostolz Final Finish is a super impressive high gloss finishing polish made in Germany


One Step Polish and Compounds:

Autostolz One Step Polish and Compound takes out 2,000 grit and is super easy and impressive to use, Made in GermanyChemical Guys VSS Scratch and Swirl remover polish and compoundChemical Guys V4 polishe removes light scratches and imperfections in paint correction

 You can learn more about each and shop our full range in our polishing section here 

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