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Wash Without Scratching - FREE wash mitt

by RockCar
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Why cars have swirl mark scratches:

Look at most cars and you’ll see swirly scratches known as “swirl marks”.  What most people don’t know is they are normally the reason their car has swirl marks.  They are mostly caused by washing and drying the car! 

Thats because when you wash your car the dirt goes first from the car onto the wash mitt.  If you have a flat surface like a sponge you will drag that dirt across the paint scratching the paint.  Then you put it back into the wash bucket and swirl it around but the dirt end up back in the wash water where it gets back on your wash mitt to scratch the paint again.  Then when finished if you use a flat towel or chamois to dry and drag this across the paint, where any missed dirt or dust gets dragged across and scratches the paint.  Have a good look at your paint in the sun or with a touch and you probably see light scratches like this, if you’ve been through a car wash these may be more straight line than swirly.


But it is easy to wash without scratching!


  1. Use a Mit slide to clean your mitt as you wash and to trap the dirt and grit at the bottom of your wash bucket under the mitt slide and away form your clean wash water and wash mitt.
  2. Use a reef style wash mitt that has long reef like dongles to reduce the chance of dragging dirt and grit across the paint, and that easily cleans and releases dirt in the mitt slide
  3. Dry with the super soft Rockcar performer, that doesn’t just dry fast it is super soft and its special weave reduces the chance of dragging dirt and grit across the paint.
  4. Use a qualify well lubricating soap like Chemical Guys honeydew snow foam

 This kit gives you all you need, and comes with a FREE wash mitt!


This Kit has options:  Do you want it with a bucket or not?  Please choose "Yes" or "No" in the box above Add to Cart.  The Mitt slide will fit most standard NZ 20L wash buckets.

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