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Wash Essentials Starter Kit

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We get it, there are so many cool products, you don't know where to start!  Our Arsenal Starter Kits give you the solid basics to get started on the different areas of detailing. You can add them together like building blocks to build your Chemical Guys Arsenal, and then later over time can mix match try and add individual products to your Arsenal.

This Kit is a great starter kit to wash you car like a pro. You get 2 buckets with 2 dirt traps (might be the same or different colours subject to availability) so you have a rinse and a wash bucket, and a microfiber mitt. Fill one bucket with water, the other soap and water. Put your mitt or pad in the rinse water bucket first and run it on the dirt trap in the bottom, then out, squeeze the water out, then into the soap bucket then wash in straight lines (No Karate Kid), then back in the rinse and repeat. rinse, wash, straight lines.

You get 3 of our top selling soaps, like Mr Pink or Honeydew and Citrus wash and gloss. Mr Pink and Honeydew are great every day, ph neutral car wash soap loved by Pros, you will get one of these (not both). Or Citrus Wash and Gloss which has more citrus and is a bit more aggressive for when your ride is a bit dirtier, or one of our other great car wash soaps.  3 Soaps lucky dip, but all soaps will be for any coloured cars (not blacklight for black cars for example).

You get one of our favorite drying towels (not both), you get either:  The Woolly Mammoth, which is super absorbent and importantly plush, so any contaminants left get up in the depths of the towel and not dragged across the paint to scratch.  Or, the Grey MatterSilk Effect Supper Soft Waffle Wave Drying Towel, an extra large fast drying towel.  Both are great towels.  


One kit, all you need to wash like a pro and join the Chemical Guys family! You can then add other Kits or products to this to build your arsenal.


What you don't get but might want to add:

Foam gun or cannon. If you have a hose get this one

If you have a water blaster get this one

If you get a lot of bug and tar add this, and either add it to your wash bucket to have a one step wash, or use it direct for tough areas.


Our Other Arsenal building Kits, like the Wheel Kit. They are designed to add together to help you build a great base Arsenal of Chemical Guys product.  Like Lego.

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