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Pro 40 Metal polish Kit (473ml)

by Zephyr
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Grab as a kit and save! All you need to get hand polishing with Zephyr Pro 40.

Zephyr Pro-40

Number one for a reason, Zephyr Pro 40 is super easy to use - simply wipe it on, let it dry and wipe it off. and the result - WOW! 

Pro-40 is #1 in the Heavy Duty Truck Industry, as it has special ingredients that allow you to have a “Mirror Shine” in less than half the time it takes with other polishes.

Check out some of these photos, and see why it is to go to polish for professionals across USA, and now NZ.  

You have tried other polishes, they work fine.  But Zephyr takes it to the next level to get you an amazing mirror shine so easily.  

Us it on all metals, from Aluminium, Stainless steel, Chrome, Copper...  

Cut the time you are spending polishing your metal and step up your game to get better results.  If you haven't tried Zephyr Pro 40 you will be impressed.

Consistent quality, and a thick polish that is easy to apply.  And oh so easy to remove.  

Go on, give it a go and get some Z shine!


Rockcar Roadie:  Very Soft All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (2 Pack)

  • Our most used microfiber cloth. Soft non scratch all-purpose cloth optimal for cleaning and buffing off
  •  70/30 blend high quality weave
  •  No scratching. Tagless, stickerless, cornerless, offset join away from the corners for durability.
  • Highest quality – Made in Korea. 400x400mm, 15.75x15.75”, 250gsm

Use the Roadie to look after all the everyday tasks on your ride

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