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Fireball Carnauba Wax

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Fireball Carnauba Wax

Fireball Carnauba Wax is a high shine liquid wax premium emulsion that adds protection and provides easy maintenance of your vehicles surfaces. Carnauba Wax contains a high content of pure Brazilian Carnauba which gives it unrivalled shine and smoothness of the surfaces it is applied to.

The Brazilian Carnauba in Carnauba Wax leaves behind a layer which helps to hide minor imperfections and increase surface clarity. The smoothness of the surface makes it hard for dirt to stick and assists with self-cleaning of your vehicle. Truly one of the best spray waxes on the market. On average you only need a few mists per panel - and one bottle should do 10+ cars with a durability of up to 4 weeks.

QTY: 500ml Spray Bottle, 4000ml Trade Tub

Nb. 500ml bottle supplied with a spray trigger.


Carnauba Wax needs to be thoroughly shaken before use. Remember that you should get 10+ cars out of one bottle. A little goes a long way. Always start with a clean surface to get the best results. Avoid applying to a hot surface or in the sun.

Spray a light mist of Carnauba Wax onto a clean surface. We recommend working one panel at a time. Using a microfibre towel spread the product across the surface of the panel (but do not buff it away). Wait for up to 30 seconds before buffing away any excess product with a second, seperate microfibre towel. Repeat until all panels are finished. Safe for application onto plastics too.

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