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Best Foam Gun for Normal Hose & Chemical Guys Mr Pink Car Wash Soap

by RockCar
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About the Soap:

Mr. Pink is the perfect maintenance car wash shampoo that is tough on dirt, yet gentle on wax and sealant with slick lubricants that gently guide dirt and grime off the car for a scratch-free wash!

Use This Soap To:

  • Maintain your ride with a gentle, weekly wash
  • Restore the high gloss shine to your daily driver
  • Wash with a constant stream of unending foaming bubbles
  • Gently glide dirt and debris off paintwork
  • Protect your ride against swirls and scratches

Like No Other Soap Out There

Other detailing shampoos and low-grade car wash soaps are often too strong, stripping wax and staining plastic and rubber parts. Mr. Pink is pH-balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and even vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim. Mr. Pink rinses clean after every car wash, leaving behind no residue for a truly clean surface every time.

Unique Formula to Minimize Swirling & Scratching

Improper washing can cause scratches and swirls that make your paintwork appear dull and neglected. Mr. Pink is blended with super-slick polymers with hyper surfactants that lift, capture, and lubricate abrasive debris, allowing the surface to be gently wiped to minimize scratching and swirling. Choose Mr. Pink to help glide your wash mitt effortlessly over the surface for the perfect weekly wash!


About the Foam Gun:

The perfect foaming tool for a normal hose, no water blaster needed.

New from Rockcar, this is super high quality and well made, and comes with a surprising range of adapters and fittings to make it easy to use.  There are a few of these on the market and they are all normally built to try and keep the price as low as they can with lots of plastic bits that break and don't last, we have been through a few ourselves.  The Rockcar is different, you can see they have built it well to last, and to be nice and comfortable to use.

Well-built quality, with brass ends and internal brass construction.  We have had a range of these over the years and this is really well built.  A lot of them look the part but don't perform or last.  The rotary was comfortably hard to use when new as opposed to the usual flop all around the place ones so often out there that give up the ghost way too early.  


The main body is solid and a good amount of weight in it to make you feel it wont fall apart if you drop it.  The bottom fitting is also brass, which is normally plastic on others and normally the weak point.  

The little wire clip that you can flip down to hold the trigger on, normally also a weak point, is bigger than normal, and the adjustment winder is brass.

The whole exterior you'd touch or hold is rubberized and nice to hold.  Comfortable to use with rubber soft grip lines that allow for easy compression, this makes it so much nicer to use, especially as you will find you won't just use this on your car, you will probably leave the gun on the end of the hose and use it on so many things, like normal hosing down, and the foam gun is great for cleaning the house and windows.  As you grip those rubber lined bits bend where you put more pressure so it sort of molds a bit to your hand, its hard to explain but its noticeably nicer to hold that the previous foam guns we have used.

There are replacement parts, which must be a first for a foam gun.  You can buy just the bottle or the hand piece, or the plastic lance foamer section.  Handy  if you break or loose it a piece so you don't have to buy the whole thing.  It also makes us feel these were built more to last than others we have seen.  Not enough brands make replacement parts these days which is really frustrating.

The foam is good for a foam gun.  The foam is thick large bubbled foam, like a bubble bath for your car.  You won't get the fine thick foam you get from a foam cannon, if that's what you are after you really need the pressure from a water blaster and a foam cannon like the Rockcar Stealth (we like the stealth back!).  But if you don't have a water blaster, or want an option where you don't have to get the water blaster out, this is fantastic.  Its quick and easy to use, and can be used for all sorts of things.  

These are best bought in a kit with the foam car wash. 

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