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Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray-Dark Shine Trim,Fender/Wheel Wells And Tire Shine Spray (1 Gal. 3.79L)

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BareBones is a premium undercarriage spray dressing specifically formulated to protect and enhance hard-to-reach areas like the wheel wells, subframes, springs, and fender liners.

Use This Dressing To: 

  • Restore OEM shine to trim & undercarriage
  • Give lifted trucks the extra oomph
  • Make wheel wells invisible
  • Protect and enhance in one easy step
  • Get a brilliant shine in seconds

High Performance Shine

Over time, a vehicle’s undercarriage can become faded and discolored from road grime, dirt, road salt, and UV rays. The oil-based formula sticks to any surface for improved durability. Weather resistant coating protects against road salt while helping prevent undercarriage rust. Bare Bones keeps your undercarriage trim looking great while resisting road grime, dirt, dust, tar, and moisture. 

Oil-Based Formula Sticks Hard

The oil-based dressing restores faded undercarriage and trim surfaces back to like-new condition. The sprayable dressing is designed for undercarriages, wheel wells, subframes, springs, suspension components, fender liners, and bumper covers. Bare Bones uses premium ingredients that finish with a dry-to-the-touch feel within minutes for easy application on virtually any vehicle. 

How To Use:

  • Clean dirt and debris from undercarriage parts.
  • Spray Bare Bones directly onto the desired surface and allow to dry for 5 minutes.
  • Severely neglected parts may require Bare Bones to be worked into the surface with a towel or applicator for best results.
  • For desired look, wipe off excess with an old cloth or rag to reduce any extra wet shine.

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