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2 Bucket Wash Starter Kits - Choose your soap and size

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This Kit Give you all you need to 2 bucket wash your car like a pro without scratching, you get 2 buckets, 2 dirt traps, a high quality chenille wash mitt, the super soft wooly mammoth drying towel,  and a choice of different soaps and soap sizes (choose in the boxes above the price on the right).  Here's a run through of the soaps and more detail on the 2 bucket kit, why you should be using it, and why most scratches on peoples cars could be avoided if they did.. 

Choice of soap:

Mr Pink PH neutral car wash soap from chemical guys

Mr. Pink is the perfect maintenance car wash shampoo that is tough on dirt, yet gentle on wax and sealant with slick lubricants that gently guide dirt and grime off the car for a scratch-free wash!  For any Coloured car  Learn More...

Citrus Wash and gloss best car wash soap from chemcial guys

Citrus Wash & Gloss is a powerful citrus based hyper-concentrated shampoo and gloss enhancer formulated to bring out a vibrant shine on all paint colors, making any car look just waxed and detailed!  For any Coloured car  Learn More...

Extreme Bodywash Car wash and wax for Coloured cars from Chemical Guys

Extreme Body Wash & Wax is the premium car wash soap that’s blended with two different waxes to restore the bright shine of a brand new car and provide durable protection against the elements!  Great on Coloured Cars   Lean More...


Blacklight car wash soap, best car wash for black cars, by Chemical Guys

Black Light is a specialty car wash soap designed to enhance a deep lustrous shine on black and dark colored vehicles while minimizing the chances of scratching and swirling.  Highly recommended for black and dark cars (but not matte)  Learn More...


best car wash for matte cars and matte wraps by chemical guys

Meticulous Matte is the first matte-safe car wash soap that won’t add unwanted gloss or shine while using advanced foaming technology to help prevent scratching the sensitive matte surfaces.  The only soap we suggest using on matte painted cars or matter wrapped cars   Learn More...

best car wash for ceramic coated cars by chemical guys

HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap combines a hyper-foaming pH neutral soap with the high-gloss shielding properties of SiO2 to deliver a hydrophobic wash that delivers a brilliant jaw dropping shine.   Learn More...


Most of the scratches on peoples car's are from washing and drying it!   If you do nothing else, make sure you wash your car with 2 buckets and dirt traps and dry it with a super soft drying towel.  These kits are made up to give you the basics you need to wash your car like without scratching like a pro, and give you the option to choose the soap that's right for your car, different sizes of the soap, and drying towels.  We'll run through the choices soon but first lets quickly recap the basic of how to properly 2 bucket wash a car:


Every loving car owner should own the following:

  • A super slick wash soap
  • A soft microfiber wash mitt
  • Two sturdy buckets
  • Two Dirt Traps
  • A super absorbent microfiber drying towel



Start off filling both your buckets with water: one for rinsing and one for washing. Press a Dirt Trap wash screen to the bottom of each bucket, which will trap abrasive dirt and debris under the screen. Then, add 1 - 3 oz of your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap to one of the buckets. The first wash bucket is for the soap solution and mitt, and the second bucket is plain water used to rinse the wash mitt clean.


Rinse the car to remove any loose dirt and debris and to start breaking down stuck-on filth and grime. Then, pick up soapy suds with the microfiber wash mitt and gently clean off the abrasive dirt and grime from the vehicle paintwork. Work in straight lines, never in circular motions. Simple gravity causes abrasive dirt and debris to flow down, so work from top to bottom to avoid re-dirtying the areas you just cleaned.


After one or two panels, it’s time to clean the dirt off the wash mitt. Dunk the dirty wash mitt in the second fresh water bucket to purge dirt and grime from the wash mitt. Scrub the wash mitt against the Dirt Trap to push the dirt through the cyclone funnels and trap it underneath the insert. Wring the mitt out on the ground to purge any loose dirt particles from the mitt before returning to the soap bucket for another pass on the vehicle. Rinse the car with fresh water after cleaning the entirety of it and then dry the car with a large microfiber drying towel.

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