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Waterspots, key info to help you understand them get rid of them and stop them coming back - Lovecars

Waterspots, key info to help you understand them get rid of them and stop them coming back

Waterspots on the surface can be removed with water spot remover, you need to neutralize it after using, this first video explains.  You can also use water or window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner or waterless wash as long as you neutralize it.  If using water make sure you dry it properly to avoid new water spots, we recommend the performer drying towel.

Once removed we highly recommend applying a wax or sealant like enhanced wax from Autostolz.  Their cream in the pop top lasts longest (9-12 months), the spay lasts 2-3 months but is quicker and easier to apply.  We use both on our cars, the cream as a one off, then top up with a quick spray after each wash.

Washing with the new Autostolz premium auto wash helps reduce water spots as it adds protection each wash and gives not just amazing shine but also water beading just from a wash.

The kit is a great buy and is everything Adam recomend3ed for his wife Michelle when she wanted a simple way to clean her Mazda that she loves without mucking around.

Here are the videos and links:


Demo of properly using water spot remover: 

Explaining water spots and scratches, what water spot remove, and clay will remove, when you need to polish, and what polishing is:

This video is a bit low quality as it was filed by Adam in lockdown at home, but we will make a new version of higher res to update this later.  However, wile it might not look great, the content is very helpful.

Detailed video on water spots and paint defects like scratches, explaining water spot remover, clay and polishing


Links to best products to remove or reduce water spots:

Water spot kit:  Waterspot Kit — Lovecars

Just water spot remover: Water Spot Remover (16 oz 473ml) — Lovecars

Best wash kit (what Adam recommended for his wife Michelle):  "I Just Want to Wash My Car And Make It Look Shiny" - Michelle — Lovecars

Best wax kit for 9-12 months protection:  Wax On Wax Off Kit - With our Best Wax — Lovecars


Quick spray wax (in the kit Adam made for Michelle): Autostolz Enhanced Spray Wax (500ml) Carnauba & Si02 Hybrid — Lovecars


Best car wash for reducing water spots (also in the kit for Michelle: Autostolz SiO2 Polymer Car Wash with drying aid (500ml) PH Neutral — Lovecars

Best Drying towel (also in the wash kit): Rockcar Performer Large Soft Drying Towel - Our Favorite Drying Towel! — Lovecars

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